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Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Bolivia, Plurinational State of, English

Women and men are guaranteed the exercise of sexual rights and their reproductive rights. (Art. 66)

Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Spanish

Se garantiza a las mujeres y a los hombres el ejercicio de sus derechos sexuales y sus derechos reproductivos. (Art. 66)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Turkey, English

… The State shall take the necessary measures and establish the necessary organization to protect peace and welfare of the family, especially mother and children, and to ensure the instruction of family planning and its practice. … (Art. 41)

Turkey, Turkish

... Devlet, ailenin huzur ve refahı ile özellikle ananın ve çocukların korunması ve aile planlamasının öğretimi ile uygulanmasını sağlamak için gerekli tedbirleri alır, teşkilâtı kurar. ... (Madde 41)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Mexico, English

… Every person has the right to decide in a free, responsible and informed manner concerning the number and spacing of their children. … (Art. 4)

Mexico, Spanish

… Toda persona tiene derecho a decidir de manera libre, responsable e informada sobre el número y el espaciamiento de sus hijos. … (Art. 4)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Sri Lanka, English

9. Health –

9:3 Population control and family planning;
… (Ninth Schedule, List III, Concurrent List)

Sri Lanka, Sinhala

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Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Kenya, English

(1) Every person has the right—
(a) to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care;
… (Art. 43)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Kenya, English

(1) Every person has the right to life.
(2) The life of a person begins at conception.
(3) A person shall not be deprived of life intentionally, except to the extent authorised by this Constitution or other written law.
(4) Abortion is not permitted unless, in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law. (Art. 26)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Sudan, English

The exclusive executive and legislative powers of a state of the Sudan shall be as follows:-

26. Population policy and family planning;
… (Schedule (C), Powers of States)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

South Africa, English

(2) Everyone has the right to bodily and psychological integrity, which includes the right-
(a) to make decisions concerning reproduction;
(b) to security in and control over their body;
… (Sec. 12)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Philippines, English

The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. ... (Art. II, Sec. 12)

Philippines, Filipino

Kinikilala ng Estado ang kabanalan ng buhay pampamilya at dapat pangalagaan at patatagin ang pamilya bilang isang saligang institusyon ng lipunan. Dapat nitong pangalagaan kapwa ang buhay ng ina at ang buhay ng sanggol sa sinapupunan mula sa paglilihi. ... (Art. II, Seksyon 12)

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Czech Republic, Czech

(1) Každý má právo na život. Lidský život je hoden ochrany již před narozením.
… (Listina základních práv a svobod, Čl. 6)

Czech Republic, English

(1) Everyone has the right to life. Human life is worthy of protection even before birth.
… (Charter, Art. 6)