UN Women:

UN Women Guidance Note on the Making and Shaping of Constitutions from a Gender Perspective

UNW Guidance Note on the Making and Shaping of Constitutions from a Gender Perspective Executive Sum

Constitutional reforms over time

Gender equality and women’s empowerment: constitutional jurisprudence

Global gender equality constitutional database - categories - all regions (Excel Sheet)

The politics of engagement: women's participation and influence in constitution-making processes


UN System:

UN constitutional newsletter

Guidance note of the Secretary – General - United Nations assistance to constitution-making processes


Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Women's reproductive and socio-economic rights from the constitutional perspective in Poland 

The University of Alcalá

How do women impact on peacebuilding? A case study of the peace process that led to the good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland

University of Birmingham

Ensuring gender equality in constitutions: engaging the next generation of stakeholders

Bocconi University- Carlo F. Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy  

Tackling violence against women: can laws change perceptions?

Tackling gender-based discrimination and gender-based violence. A comparative perspective between Europe and Africa 

The University of Chicago Law School

Morocco: a briefing on gender and the constitution

Vietnam: a briefing on gender and the constitution

Zimbabwe: a briefing on gender and the constitution

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Gender equality in the Israeli defense forces- constitutional aspects of the different compulsory military service for men and women as prescribed by Israeli legislation

Global gender equality in conflict

Protecting female refugees through the German constitutional right to asylum

Universita’ degli Studi di Milano

The legislative and constitutional attitude towards polygamy across Europe and Italy

Polygamous marriage under the Italian law (PowerPoint Presentation)

Polygamous marriage under the Italian law 

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Mapping the impact of gender equality provisions and constitutionmaking

Reimagining traditional approaches to women peace and security

University of Westminster Law School

Gender Equality Protection in the Contexts of Bodily Integrity and Reproductive Rights

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Empower women: movement for women's economic empowerment (Website)

Global database on violence against women (Website)

Peace can be achieved through justice: the judge of the Sepur Zarco case speaks (Video-EN)


Additional Resources:

Guidance Note of the Secretary-General on United Nations Constitutional Assistance 2020

ABC for a Gender Sensitive Constitution – Handbook (March 2018)

Women, Constitution-Making and Peace Processes – Brief / PSRP and UN Women (Oct 2018)

From paper to lived reality: gender-responsive constitutional implementation – International IDEA (2016)

How Women Influence Constitution Making After Conflict and Unrest – Institute for Inclusive Security (2018)

A Women’s Guide to Constitution Making – Institute for Inclusive Security (2018)