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The Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database is a repository of gender equality related provisions in 194 constitutions from around the world. The Database was updated in partnership with the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) and with support from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the Government of Japan. Experience its wealth and depth of information by starting your search now.

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Electoral Bodies

Solomon Islands, English

(1) The Electoral Commission is established.
(2) The Commission comprises:
(a) a Chairperson; and
(b) two othermembers; and
(c) the Chief Electoral Officer appointed under section 57A.

(5) At least one member of the Commission must be a woman.
… (Sec. 57)7

Electoral Bodies

Solomon Islands, English

(1) The Electoral Commission shall have general responsibility for, and shall supervise, the registration of electors for the election of members of Parliament and the conduct of elections of such members and the Commission shall have such powers and other functions relating to such registration and such elections as may be prescribed.
... (Sec. 58)

Electoral Bodies

Slovakia, English

(9) The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic decides on the constitutionality or lawfulness of the elections.
… (Art. 101)

Slovakia, Slovak

(9) O ústavnosti alebo zákonnosti volieb prezidenta rozhoduje Ústavný súd Slovenskej republiky.
… (Čl. 101)

Electoral Bodies

Vanuatu, English

1. The Electoral Commission shall have general responsibility for and shall supervise the registration of electors and the conduct of elections to Parliament, the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, provincial government and municipal councils. The Commission shall have such powers and functions relating to such registration and elections as may be prescribed by Parliament.
2. The Principal Electoral Officer shall have such powers and functions relating to such registration and elections as may be prescribed by Parliament. The Principal Electoral Officer shall keep the Commission fully informed concerning the exercise of his functions and shall have the right to attend meetings of the Commission, and shall comply with any directions that the Commission may give to him in the exercise of his functions.
... (Art. 20)

Vanuatu, French

1) Le Conseil des élections est investi de la responsabilité générale et du contrôle de l'inscription des électeurs sur les listes électorales et de l'organisation des élections au Parlement, au Conseil des Chefs Malvatumauri et aux conseils provinciaux et municipaux. Les attributions et pouvoirs du Conseil relatifs à l'inscription des électeurs et aux élections sont fixés par le Parlement.
2) Les pouvoirs et autres attributions du Secrétaire du Bureau électoral en matière d'inscription des électeurs et d'organisation des élections sont fixés par le Parlement. Le Secrétaire est tenu d'informer en détail le Conseil relativement à l'exercice de ses fonctions, et a le droit de participer aux réunions de ce dernier. Il doit se conformer aux directives que le Conseil peut lui donner dans l'exercice de ses fonctions.
... (Art. 20)

Electoral Bodies

Zimbabwe, English

The following are the independent Commissions—
(a) the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission;
… (Sec. 232)

Electoral Bodies

Zimbabwe, English

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has the following functions—
(a) to prepare for, conduct and supervise—
(i) elections to the office of President and to Parliament;
(ii) elections to provincial and metropolitan councils and the governing bodies of local authorities;
(iii) elections of members of the National Council of Chiefs established by section 285; and
(iv) referendums;
and to ensure that those elections and referendums are conducted efficiently, freely, fairly, transparently and in accordance with the law;
(b) to supervise elections of the President of the Senate and the Speaker and to ensure that those elections are conducted efficiently and in accordance with the law;
(c) to register voters;
(d) to compile voters’ rolls and registers;
(e) to ensure the proper custody and maintenance of voters’ rolls and registers;
(f) to delimit constituencies, wards and other electoral boundaries;
(g) to design, print and distribute ballot papers, approve the form of and procure ballot boxes, and establish and operate polling centres;
(h) to conduct and supervise voter education;
(i) to accredit observers of elections and referendums;
(j) to give instructions to persons in the employment of the State or of a local authority for the purpose of ensuring the efficient, free, fair, proper and transparent conduct of any election or referendum; and
(k) to receive and consider complaints from the public and to take such action in regard to the complaints as it considers appropriate. (Sec. 239)

Electoral Bodies

Ethiopia, Amharic

1. በፌዴራልና በክልል የምርጫ ክልሎች ነጻና ትክክለኛ ምርጫ በገለለተኝነት እንዲያካሂድ ከማንኛውም ተጽእኖ ነጻ የሆነ ብሔራዊ የምርጫ ቦርድ ይቋቋማል፡፡
… (አንቀጽ 102)

Ethiopia, English

1. There shall be established a National Election Board independent of any influence, to conduct in an impartial manner free and fair election in Federal and State constituencies.
… (Art. 102)

Electoral Bodies

Libya, Arabic

2. بعد إعلان التحرير ، ينتقل المجلس الوطني الانتقالي المؤقت والدفاع الداخلي الأجنبي إلى مقره في طرابلس لتشكيل حكومة انتقالية في غضون ثلاثين يومًا كحد
خلال فترة أقصاها تسعون يومًا من إعلان التحرير ، يقوم المجلس الوطني الانتقالي بما يلي:
ب. تعيين المفوضية الوطنية العليا للانتخابات.
10. في غضون تسعون يومًا كحد أقصى من أول جلسة ، يجب على المؤتمر الوطني العام:

ب. إعادة تشكيل المفوضية القومية العليا للانتخابات لانتخاب جمعية تأسيسية تسمى جمعية الصياغة الدستورية (CDA) ، من خلال الاقتراع الحر المباشر من بين غير الأعضاء ، من أجل صياغة دستور دائم للبلاد. 12. حالما تنتهي الجمعية من صياغة الدستور ، يجب تقديمه للاستفتاء بنعم أو لا خلال ثلاثين يومًا من تاريخ الموافقة عليه

- تتولى المفوضية القومية العليا للانتخابات (التي يعاد تشكيلها من قبل مجلس النواب) إجراء الانتخابات العامة تحت إشراف القضاء الوطني وبإشراف الأمم المتحدة والمنظمات الدولية والإقليمية.
... (المادة 30)

Libya, English

2. After the Liberation Declaration, the interim NTC3 shall relocate to its headquarters in Tripoli to form a transitional government within a maximum period of thirty days.
Within a maximum period of ninety days from the Liberation Declaration, the NTC shall:
b. Appoint the High National Elections Commission.
10. Within a maximum of 90 days from its first session, the GNC shall:

b. Reconstitute the High National Elections Commission to elect a constituent assembly, called the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA), through direct free ballot from among non-members, in order to draft a permanent constitution for the country. …
12. As soon as the CDA finishes drafting the constitution, it shall be submitted to a yes-or-no referendum within 30 days from the date of approval thereof.

- The High National Elections Commission (which shall be reconstituted by the House of Representatives) shall be responsible for conducting general elections under the supervision of the national judiciary and the oversight of the United Nations and international and regional organizations.
… (Art. 30)

Electoral Bodies

Uganda, English

1. The Electoral Commission shall have the following functions-
a. to ensure that regular, free and fair elections are held;
b. to organise, conduct and supervise elections and referenda in accordance with this Constitution;
c. to demarcate constituencies in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution;
d. to ascertain, publish and declare in writing under its seal the results of the elections and referenda;
e. to compile, maintain, revise and update the voters' register;
f. to hear and determine election complaints arising before and during polling;
g. to formulate and implement voter educational programmes relating to elections; and
h. to perform such other functions as may be prescribed by Parliament by law.
… (Art. 61)

Electoral Bodies

Egypt, Arabic

الهيئة الوطنيّة للانتخابات هيئة مستقلة، تختصّ دون غيرها بإدارة الاستفتاءات، والانتخابات الرئاسيّة، والنيابيّة، والمحليّة، بدءا من إعداد قاعدة بيانات الناخبين وتحديثها، واقتراح تقسيم الدّوائر الإنتخابية، وتحديد ضوابط الدّعاية وتمويل الحملات الانتخابية، والإنفاق الانتخابى، والإعلان عنه، والرقابة عليها، وتيسير إجراءات تصويت المصريين المقيمين فى الخارج، وغير ذلك من الإجراءات حتى إعلان النتيجة.
وذلك كلّه على النّحو الذى ينظّمه القانون. (المادّة 208)

Egypt, English

The National Elections Commission is an independent authority and shall be solely competent to administer referenda and elections of the president, the parliament and the local councils. Such administration shall include the development and updating of a database for voters, proposing the division of constituencies, determination of controls for promotion and funding of electoral campaigns, as well as electoral expenditure, the disclosure of such expenditure, the supervision of such controls, the facilitation of the procedures for out-of-country voting by expatriate Egyptians, and other procedures till the announcements of the results.
The foregoing shall be regulated by law. (Art. 208)